We know your product, so we see the big picture.

Assembly concepts – well funded and accurate.

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We understand your product, so we see the small print.

Testing concepts – consistent and sure.


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We listen closely to recognize your demands.

Automation concepts – customized and pointed.

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Our wishes for the New Year 2018


less (unnessecary) speach, more (good) thoughts …

less (obscuring) interests, (afresh) more community spirit …

less (book-learned) knowledge, more (fair) judgement …

less (destructive) conflict, more (moral) courage.


Original words by Walter Rathenau, German politician, writer and industrialist (1867 – 1922).


We moved …


The opening ceremony on 19th May – more details please find in the events area of our website – represented the official

start signal for the moving to the new hall building. Since the beginning of August the whole mechanical engineering dept.

as well as its management are hosted in the new office spaces.

And – of course – automated assembling and testing technology ...


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About the team spirit of the cranes …


October each year the demoiselle cranes fly over the highest peaks of the Himalayas.

By the thousands this smallest crane species – as all migratory birds - return to their wintering place in the south. Over the 8000-meter Himalayan mountains the temperature can drop easily below -30°C at that time of the year and the oxygen content reduces up to 70 %.

This astounding exhausting journey could not be accomplished individually …


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