We moved …

The opening ceremony on 19th May – more details please find in the events ...


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Into the new millenium

In November a 30-strong-team moved to today’s location of ...


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Yesterday when starting up

A fantastic idea, a 40 sqm office with 2 PCs, a garage ...

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Our wishes for the New Year 2018


less (unnessecary) speach, more (good) thoughts …

less (obscuring) interests, (afresh) more community spirit …

less (book-learned) knowledge, more (fair)

judgement …

less (destructive) conflict, more (moral) courage.


Original words by Walter Rathenau, German politician, writer and industrialist (1867 – 1922).

2017 - On the path towards capacity-doubling

We moved …

The opening ceremony on 19th May – more details please find in the events area of our website – represented the official

start signal for the moving to the new hall building. Since the beginning of August the whole mechanical engineering dept.

as well as its management are hosted in the new office spaces.

And – of course – automated assembling and testing technology from this date on to the future has been built in the new workshop space.

Till the end of this year the new hall building (Technikum) will be fully populated and finally equipped.

On reference date 19th October, 2017 we occupy a total number of 100 employees, among them 10 apprentices (design and mechatroncis engineers).

The expansion of our location in Pochendorf is in the final phase …

After completion of the construction shells the interior accessories will be done in the forthcoming months. If our weather god is graceful and enables the finalization of all

external works still in progress without any obstacles, movement can take place according to schedule in June/July 2017.


By doubling our capacity we intend to build on our market position in the fields of automated assembling and testing technology.

Based on our operating result of 2016 and expressed in numerical terms we are planning an annual growth of 5 %.

We will stay on this path by building upon long-term partnerships with customers and business partners. And first and foremost we will build upon healthy, satiesfied and

motivated employees willing and able to perform to the full for our all benefit. We intend to increase the number of our employees up to 130 persons till the end of 2025.


On reference date 15th March, 2017 we occupy a total number of 90 employees, among them 8 apprentices (design and mechatroncis engineers).


2016 - 20 years of experience …

Courage and entrepreneurial sense led to a successful economic reality …

During our anniversary year we went through an emotional cocktail made of thankfulness and euphoria. Thankfulness for what we have achieved and what we have learned.

Thankfulness for 20 fabulous years full of intensive encounters, for 20 fabulous years with a bag full of memories …

Memories which we now summarized in our own written chronicle.


We felt into euphoria when we bought 7,000 sqm of neighbouring property for doubling our location and when we started to plan the details of our „dft-Technikum“,

a spacious new production hall with a large stock area as well as enough office space for future development and designing work.






We felt into euphoria when groundbraking startet at the beginning of September and the offical sod-cutting ceremony took place on 28th of September (read more in our website/events).

We have felt into euphoria by daily watching the rapid processing …


During the vocational days in Kirchdorf on 4th and 5th of November we euphorically started to look after our new apprentices for the coming year. And one week later we received the ineo-Award for our euphoric work in apprenticeship for the 2nd time in a row (read more in our website/events).

With gratitude and satisfaction we look back on a successful operating performance in 2016 and

a lot of satisfied repeat customers in our competence area of automated assembling and testing technology. With our team of 85 employees – among them 8 apprentices – we are looking very

much forward to continue our good work in a promising 2017.


We always rise to the callenges with full enthusiasm. For valuable solutions …

Into the new millenium …

2000 to 2015

2000 – into the new millenium …

In November a 30-strong-team moved to today’s location of dft in Pochendorf 67, the production hall covering 2,500 sqm.

With the registration of patents for technical solutions of sophisticated sealing situations dft officially marked its competence in the field of leak testing.


2001 – the year of awards …

The 2nd place at the Upper Austrian Young Businessmen Competition was topped by the award “Newcomer of the Year in Upper Austria” at the competition of

Austrian Leading Companies by the magazine “Wirtschaftblatt” (in cooperation with PWC and KSV 1870). And last but not least dft achieved the 9th place at the

Young Businessmen Award from the magazine “Gewinn” – among 2,300 submissions from all over Austria.


2002 – 2005 – complex large plants and new technologies …

The cooperation with the international operating machinery and plant engineering company teamtechnik, Freiberg/Germany, launched dft into the large-scale-plant construction.

In joint effort the first complex line for assembling and testing of a truck brake modul with over 120 individual parts was constructed …


2004 dft conquered medical technology and build a fully automated assembling and testing line for a worldwide new type of blood collection system for the company Greiner Bio-One GmbH Kremsmünster.


2005 dft expanded its customer area with the fittings industry and its area of competence in the range of leak testing.

Delivering a complex customized line for assembling and testing dampers for drawer inserts with integrated helium leak testing.


2006 – 10 years anniversary

Friday, May 5th 2006, 13.00 hrs – open house at dft

Celebrating the 10 years company anniversary.

With customers, business partners, friends, neighbours … and especially with the 34-strong-dft family and relatives.

dft was honored by 240 guests on this special day.


In their welcome speach Jürgen Prenninger and Wolfgang Überwimmer informed about the envisaged company goals, such as doubling the number of employees

till 2011, the market entry in Czech, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia, the further development of testing-lines, the investment in an up-to-date office extension and so on.


A clear statement for the winning formula of dft:

A keen sense for the customer, flexibility, knowledge edge, extensive personal advice and professional support of the specific customized plant development.

Pulling together as a team, holding together, mutual understanding, acknowledging errors as development potential and great fun at work …

In the anniversary year Knorr Bremse chose dft as general contractor:

ordering a complex assembling and testing line for the new generation of truck brake modules.

The production and delivery of a partially automated assembling and testing line for an exhaust gas follow up treatment system (customer automotive supply industry)

was by far the appropriate technological challenge of the 10th years’ anniversary.


2007 – 2010 – modular systems and international markets …

2007 in launching the project “mole” the age of standardized assemblies and modular construction started.

Parallel to this broad development project dft obtained the EN ISO 9001:2000 certification, issued August 28, 2007.


In 2008 the first lines based on the modular assembling system and the first line of the LEAN assembling concept left the facility in Kremsmünster.

For assembling and testing of passenger cars safety components and exhaust gas follow up treatment systems.


                       2009 – from mole to APTUS solutions in

                       series …

                       June 25, 2009 APTUS, the modular

                       assembling system made by dft, was officially launched.

In the presence of 200 guests from customers, business partners and friends.


The name APTUS derives from the Latin, meaning “exactly tailored, precisely suitable”.

The dft team was invited to a contest to find a name, the three best nominations awarded. And consequently APUS was registered as a certified trademark.


„dft redefined the term process capability …“

This sentence crowned the emotional speech given by the godfather of APTUS, Manfred Gerdes – Knorr Bremse Systeme für Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH Aldersbach.


APTUS and LEAN, two designs made by dft to successfully conquest the automotive supply industrie …


A big suprise in October 2009 …

A spontaneous decision to participate at the ALC-Award (Wirtschaftsblatt, PWC and KSV 1870) led to the titel “Austrian Leading Company” and to the first place of

Upper Austrians medium-sized companies.


2010 - dft goes international ...

The first assembling and testing line for demand controlled oilpumps left dft to China.

MHI Netherlands (Mitsubishi) placed its first order for an assembling and testing line for turbo charges.

Constructing an assembling and testing line for a water treatment filtering system dft gained a foothold in the field of environmental protection technology.


2011 – 2015 – new construction, 15th year anniversary, LEAN and transfer cases …

The groundbreaking of a new 350 sqm office building took place January 19, 2011 – the move into the new space already by August.


Celebrating together …, painting together …

September 9th, with 270 guests the dft-team celebrated the 15th year anniversary and the move into the new office building.


„To every age its art, to art its freedom' – according to this quote by Ludwig Hevese (inscription on the ornate portal of the Vienna Secession building) our guests created two pictures.

These works of art continuously grew layer by layer, the acrylic paints left marks on hands, clothes, shoes and even in faces ….

Since then these two pictures represent 15 successful thriving years of dft – accumulated layer by layer.


The same year dft exported for the first time to Canada – an assembling and testing line for oil pumps. On the APTUS modular assembling system.

The completed MHI Netherlands line (assembling and testing of turbo chargers) was delivered with the second line already in production.


Additional assembling area and a new material storage was realized with a 500 sqm storage expansion.

A good start into the new year …


2012 – 2013 – the LEAN years of the company’s history …

Solutions in (customers’) beat and “shoulder length”.

The enhanced LEAN technology competence lead to the first delivery to Robert Bosch AG in Budweis: an assembling and testing line for exhaust gas follow up treatment systems.

Our customer IXETIC (since 2014 Magna Group) ordered an assembling line for gear pumps on a customized assembly platform.


2013 the LEAN competence convinced the international Magna Group:

Delivering an assembling and testing line for transfer cases dft successfully found its way into the technological field of gear assembling.


2014 – 2015 – forging happiness and viva Mexico …

The first customers’  satisfaction analyses in 2013 was followed 2014 by the next step:

to achieve the grade of “excellent” in regard to timeliness and complaints processing.


With the renewed commitment to the customer expansion in the core competence area dft envisaged Mexico as a new market.

A first success in delivering an assembling and testing line for oil gear pumps.


Ending 2015 with 83 employees and setting the course for capacity duplication …

The two managing directors summarized the goals for the next year during the annual information round for all employees: office and assembly hall expansion,

celebration of the 20 years anniversary, i.a. with a new promotional line.

And above all the renewed commitment to the technical core competence and the usual social and amicable cooperation, significant during the last 2 decades …


Together into the third decade of the company …


The whole history of the company at a glance.

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Yesterday when starting up …

1996 to 1999

1996 – the founding idea

A fantastic idea, a 40 sqm office with 2 PCs, a garage converted into a workshop.

With an investment of 200.000 Austrian Schillings Jürgen Prenninger and Wolfgang Überwimmer established their OEG in 4553 Schlierbach No. 247 on March 1st, 1996.

Two weeks earlier, February 19th, 1996 the company was officially registered.

A date engraved in their memories.

The two founders have been taken by domestic appliances and entertainment electronics.

The plan was to mentor industrial designers from the blue-print to the realization of prototypes and the series production readiness.

“Design Form Technik – Prenninger & Überwimmer OEG” was borne.

Then, however … all of a sudden inquiries from the surrounding industry for unusual and innovative assembly tasks drifted in; stirring the passion for mechanical engineering of the skilled tool manufacturer Jürgen Prenninger and the trained machinist Wolfgang Überwimmer and at the same time economically more than welcome.


1997 – the first customer, the first

employee …

For the company Ortner in Loosdorf a prototype refractory clay crusher was constructed and build in the garage in Schlierbach.

The next order for a special construction of an aluminum profile processing machine for the window manufacturer Internorm in Traun lead to the first employee

Christian Markgraber as of September 8th, 1997; today 2016 he is still working with dft as a sales technician.

„We need more space.  We want to build what we construct …“

The location choice fell on a rented property in the Kremsegger Strasse No. 15 in Kremsmünster.

The move was concluded end of September.

There, in the Kremsegger Strasse, the first plant for the automotive industry saw the light of the day:

a deburring station for BMW-oil distribution panels was build for TCG Unitech AG in Kirchdorf.


1998 – reorganisation to dft maschinenbau gmbh, entering the field of automation and testing technology …

In January the cornerstone for today’s dft was led by the foundation of the limited company, officially the company was registered January 21st, 1998, based on the contract December 10th, 1997.

Design Form Technik was shortened to DFT …

From the technological point of view 1998 was the year dft entered the automation and testing technology: the team by now 8 persons constructed and build the first robot cell.

In close cooperation with BRP Rotax Gunskirchen a prototype of a standardized leak test unit for pressure die castings was developed.

Today renowned engine and pressure die casting manufacturers trust in the successor model of this 1998 prototype of the DPM 60 universal leak test unit.

As stand-alone test cell or integrated – made by dft.

Hand in hand with the automated concept ideas for technical sophisticated sealing situations grew.


1999 – one-stop service …

dft’s first image slogan.

By now increased to 21 employees the company started its area of rotary cycle machines.

TCG Unitech AG, supplying parts of Ericson mobile phones, was looking for a mechanical engineering partner. Thanks to their trust a new generation of rotary cycle machines for the mechanical processing and complete measurement of the magnesium pressure casting for the mobile phone frames was constructed.

Till end 2001 dft supplied this customer with 11 pieces of this rotary cycle machines, which by the way were given female names – the names of the various types of the Ericson mobile phones (Mona, Marianne, Roxette and Marilyn).


About the team spirit of the cranes …


October each year the demoiselle cranes fly over the highest peaks of the Himalayas.

By the thousands this smallest crane species – as all migratory birds - return to their wintering place in the south.

Over the 8000-meter Himalayan mountains the temperature can drop easily below

-30°C at that time of the year and the oxygen content reduces up to 70 %.

This astounding exhausting journey could not be accomplished individually …


That’s why the cranes overfly the Himalayan peaks in a structured v-formation.

Within the swarm each crane has its tasks and each crane assumes its responsibilities according to the extend to its role.


With this v-formation the cranes use the upwind of their front men’s wing beats.

Thus reducing the needed body’s energy and enabling all cranes to master the journey in a team.

Even though each crane is small within the team it is keeping its individual dignity and reaching its (life) goal.


Of course, the leaders have to master the greatest energy.

For this they have to rotate regularly … a responsible challenging and very exhausting task.

Nevertheless stimulating, effecting, pleasant … as management duties are.


In Japan the crane is the symbol for a long and healthy life.

We concur with that.  Adding team spirit, strength and harmony.


… for valuable solutions

What we have learned by folding cranes …

In the traditional Japanese art of origami the crane is the elementary form, all children have to learn how to fold.

For our new advertising strategy we trained the folding of origami cranes.

And we discovered many parallels to our entrepreneurship.


The basis in the art of origami is always an exact square shaped paper …

Figuratively the exact entrepreneurial basis, the founding idea.

At the first attempt we have folded in the wrong

direction …

Downwards not upwards.

We had to change directions shortly after the company’s start up in 1996.

We have learned from this to cultivate our mistakes.

We utilize more quiet times to manage changes and knowledge.

In doing so we place great emphasis on our common speed. And on a clear sight.

For this we even stop at the home straight. Up to now always worthwhile.

The next time we’ve folded precisely according to the blue print …

Exact structures establish order.

Detailed processes and operations result in quality.


Our technical solutions originate first in our heads.

Consistent and reliable we face the individual challenges of our customers.

We realize and acknowledge needs, fulfill requirements and strive to set standards in the trend of the time fairly balancing quality and economic efficiency.


The folded crane …

The whole finished result is always a success.


                               For that we introduced a special form of

                               customer satisfaction analysis in 2013.

                               “Setting standards to forge luck”…

                               We recognize each and every feedback

                               and suggestion for improvement as a

                               source of added value and further development. Along the lines with the traditional Japanese believe that you have to fold not less than 1000 cranes for your luck …


At this point we would like to thank our customers and our partnership networkers for their impulses and comments with whose help we continue to learn and progress.




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